ChallengeU is a dropout recovery program designed primarily for teens and young adults. We work together with parents, schools, school systems, employers, agencies, and all well-meaning stakeholders to offer a completely free program for high school dropouts and their parents. We do not run schools; rather, we partner with them.

Our program combines virtual learning with effective graduation coaching. With the support of experienced and caring coaches, we will get your youth motivated to graduate, and to become career- and college-ready.

At ChallengeU, we provide vital life skills and tools needed to face and overcome life’s challenges.

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1.3 million students drop out each year in America―one every 26 seconds.
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The life of a high school dropout is difficult―75% of inmates are dropouts.
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On average, dropouts will earn $410,000 less than high school graduates over the course of their lifetime.

We Recognize Your Dedication as Parents

No one can ever love a child more than the people who brought them into this world. We are aware of the many sacrifices that families―especially parents―make to give their children the life that they never had.

High school dropouts have a variety of reasons for leaving school and, in many cases, it has nothing to do with you, the parents. It could be due to their raging hormones or peer pressure, which are things that you have little or no control over.

Many dropouts feel that going back to school to graduate is beyond their reach. But we are confident that you would welcome support in giving your child the best education to succeed in life. We have the proven track record to help!

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We know that you’ll leave no stone unturned to secure your youth’s future through education. Why not take advantage of our resources and services?


Why You Should Enroll Your Youth


It’s Free

If you think knowledge is expensive, try ignorance. We understand that not every family or student has the means to pay for the quality education that they deserve....

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High-Quality Human Resources Who Care About Your Youth’s Success

Our team of experts is made up of devoted and caring graduation coaches and counselors. Their expertise...

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Learning at Their Own Pace from Anywhere

We use modern virtual learning technology to ensure that your youth can get an education wherever they are....

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Keep Track of Your Youth's Progress

You will be able to track your youth’s academic and personal development. The graduation coach will be your contact person if you have any questions about...

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Your Youth Can Graduate like Any Other Student

Just like every state-accredited school student, your youth will take exams either in a classroom, online, or at...

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Incentives and Support Before and After Graduation

Based on your youth's engagement and efforts throughout the program, they will be eligible for incentives...

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News report by CBS 6, Shelby Brown about ChallengeU’s success at Vernon Freeman Jr. School

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