We ensure that every youth has an equal opportunity to be successful, even after dropping out of school.

Dropout Rates Are on the Rise

No challenge is as great as the one faced by at-risk students who have disengaged from their school system. The pandemic is having a more severe impact on at-risk students, and is thus contributing to an increase in school dropout rates. In the future, this will result in an unprecedented inequality of opportunities between youth who stay on track to graduate and those who are left behind.

Dropout Rates Are on the Rise

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Why Should Your School District Partner with Us?

Our Dropout Recovery Services are delivered independently from regular school operations, without impacting the school’s budget.

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Increase your high school graduation rates
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Requires minimal involvement from your staff
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Increase your school’s revenue
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Boost positive PR coverage by increasing the success of your students who had previously dropped out
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Increase the number of qualified candidates in your local job market
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Improve opportunities in life for each former dropout student

We partnered with imagine learning to provide the best instructional services delivered by state-certified virtual instructors.

All online courses provided by Imagine Learning (formerly Edgenuity) are aligned with state standards.

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Your school system will increase student graduation and will secure additional funding to finance our program.

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Proven Process

We have enrolled more than 24,000 dropouts since 2016, and the Department of Education (DOE) of your state has approved our instructional services and curriculum partner.


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Testimonial from Dr. Marcus Newsome, Superintendent

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News report by CBS 6, Vernon Freeman Jr. Shelby Brown about ChallengeU success

We deliver our Dropout Recovery Services independently from regular school operations, without impacting the school’s budget.

Dropout Facts

  • 2,000 high schools in the USA will graduate less than 60% of their students.

  • 1.3 million students drop out each year―one every 26 seconds.

  • Each dropout alone can lead to human tragedies, social injustices, and an economic burden of $704,000 for our society over that individual’s lifetime.

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This Crisis Can Be Stopped!

For many of these dropouts, there is no plan to continue their education or become qualified for mid- or high-end employment opportunities. At ChallengeU, we don’t believe in school failure. Our program is aimed at youth who can’t afford to get full-time education in a traditional classroom due to particular life and behavioral issues. We know that these dropouts can graduate.

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With empathy, love, and caring, we provide resources, confidence and a clear path for dropouts to graduate from high school, and to pursue a life full of opportunities.


A Turnkey Solution for School Systems

Because returning to a traditional school setting is seldom an option for students who have dropped out, ChallengeU has created a turnkey dropout recovery program. ChallengeU provides public school systems with a solution for reaching, re-engaging and supporting dropouts so that they can graduate―all without drawing on school’s resources or facilities.

We know that every youth is different—there is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting the best out of our students. Our experts will work closely with each student to understand them better and discover what works best for each one. Our team of counselors, graduation coaches, and teachers will adapt to the student’s needs, learning style, and life situation.

Our 360 wrap-around services help them to overcome obstacles and cross every hurdle on their path to graduation. These services include emotional support, graduation coaching, career counseling, talent discovery, and more to keep students focused and productive as they meet their graduation goals.

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We are devoted to seeing the light shine brighter in the eyes of our future leaders by helping them achieve their high school diploma.

Typical Implementation Within a School System

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Funding Model

Each re-enrolled student becomes eligible for additional funding to finance our program

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Student Services

Facilitate student enrollment and counseling

Provide student-specific graduation plans and expectations

Provide student graduation coaching

Offer wrap-around services and student progress incentives

Identify and reinforce post-graduation opportunities

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Curriculum and Instruction for Part-Time Online Schooling

Provide instructional services from licensed teachers within your state

State-standard courses and curriculum aligned with and approved by the state DOE

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FERPA-Compliant Technology

All courses are available online

We maintain a learning management system and a student information system in compliance with FERPA

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School System Role

Provides a point of contact at the central office for student registration

Shares information to qualify former dropouts who could be eligible for the ChallengeU program

Provides information about graduation ceremonies and state exam windows

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