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ChallengeU is an innovative and dynamic company that offers a unique approach and opportunity for dropouts to re-engage as students and ultimately graduate from high school with their high school diploma. ChallengeU has designed a distinctive and compelling instructional platform that blends the best of online instruction with comprehensive social nurturance and personalized design for each student.

The ChallengeU mission is to provide hope, support, and guidance to students who left school before graduating, so they can earn their high school diploma through a caring, personalized learning platform and community designed to advance their opportunities for employment, work, post-secondary training, or enlistment in the armed services.

ChallengeU targets students who left high school as juniors or seniors. These students have experienced a level of success in coursework and assessments. We enroll students from age 17 to students who turn 20 years old after August 1st of the enrollment year. Our work is to re-engage and lead these students to earning their high school diploma in the most direct route possible, preferably less than two years.

ChallengeU works closely with school officials to determine the exceptional education students who would be able to experience success with the ChallengeU instructional platform. The school district will ensure an active and updated IEP is in place for exceptional education students. ChallengeU will collaborate with the school district in determining the exceptional education student who could be successful in this program.

There is no cost for participating in ChallengeU;, the cell phone, unlimited data minutes and TI-84 calculator (if students are enrolled in a math course) are free to students. Our program is built to help participants pass the state assessments, earn verified credits, and graduate high school in the most direct route possible, all at no cost to students or their families.

There is no cost to the school district. Program costs are covered through existing state funding.

Our courses offer engaging and entertaining instruction broken into bite-sized lessons. We vary our content by posting film clips, animated videos, interactive practice, and technology-enhanced questioning, so that our students build skills and confidence. Adaptive learning functionality sends our students in the right direction, whether to additional help and practice or forward to the next unit, moving them to success in the most efficient pathway possible. As they move forward, we offer pop-up feedback and encouragement videos to make sure our students know that we believe in them. In the end, they approach state-mandated exams with the earned confidence they need to demonstrate competency.

Yes, this determination is based on the student’s effort, and the student’s successful progress through the instructional platform, as well as the online teachers’, regional recruiters’, and success coaches’ recommendations.

Upon successful completion of their required coursework and assessments, students will receive a high school diploma from their enrolled school district.

SOL assessments will be administered by the school district during the state approved testing window. ChallengeU will work closely with the school district and within their testing schedule. The school district will conduct the state assessments. The ChallengeU staff will only proctor the assessments. The school district will determine the testing site for ChallengeU students who are in their district.

The school district will award the high school diploma to ChallengeU students.

No, ChallengeU does not offer a GED. Students successful in our program will earn their high school diploma.

The ChallengeU regional recruiters will work closely with the school district’s liaison to examine student transcripts and to determine courses and state assessments needed to meet the state graduation requirements. The regional recruiters will build a graduation plan jointly with the student that is geared to helping the student obtain a high school diploma and achieve personal goals toward: 1. better Employment opportunities, 2. Enrollment in a career training pathway or a community college, and/or 3. Enlistment in the armed services.

ChallengeU will issue a new cell phone, unlimited data, a calculator and/ or Chromebook to students, so they can engage in the ChallengeU platform coursework.

Classes for students will begin immediately upon enrollment, assignment of teacher(s), and completion of program orientation. There are three semesters students can enroll in (fall, spring, and summer).

You can find additional information about ChallengeU on our website.

ChallengeU students will receive tremendous support from the ChallengeU staff: our online teachers, online tutors, student ambassadors, success coaches, regional recruiters, vice president for operations, vice president for community development, and general manager.

Yes, ChallengeU students will receive guidance and support from their regional recruiters and success coaches concerning career pathways and college opportunities. Our regional recruiters, success coaches, and community development team have established relationships and partnerships with area workforce development alliances, community colleges, apprenticeship programs, career support programs, and chambers of commerce in the effort to lead students to their chosen career path and to a brighter future.

Yes, all of our teachers are licensed and have a strong history of success with this population of students.